BVBA Grant Application & Guidelines

The Bella Vista Business Association awards grants to selected eligible organizations. Proposed projects must have a local impact and involve local leadership. The application and final report requirements are simple. Applications will be reviewed on a quarterly basis.

Eligible organizations include non-profit 501(c) 3 organizations; and local governmental entities requesting special project funding. Funds will not be awarded for political issues or candidates, for sectarian organizations, or for the promotion of any religious beliefs. However, humanitarian projects operated by “faith based” organizations may be eligible.

Funding request must be submitted by completing the Donation Request FormThe Form will identify the organization (or cooperating organizations) requesting funding and its (or their) organizational mission(s). In addition, the request shall identify the specific needs to be addressed, provide justification for the grant, and how the project will be continued after the grant funds have been expended.

Review of all grant requests shall be conducted by the BVBA Board of Directors. Following the review of the grant request the board will make a recommendation as to the action that will follow. These recommendations shall include: funding, any special requirements for funding, deferred request for funding and projects not recommended for funding.

Grant recipients will be notified electronically by email. This letter will identify the amount of grant funds to be awarded, any special grant stipulations, and final grant reporting requirements. Grant recipients failing to fulfill the terms of their grant request or special grant requirement shall return the entire amount of grant funds awarded.

Organizations not selected for a grant will be notified electronically by e-mail. These organizations may modify and re-submit their request for grant funding. Unsuccessful grant requests will not be retained by the Bella Vista Business Association.

Additional information about the grants: A report from the requesting organization to the BVBA will be required when the program is completed so that the BVBA knows how the grant was used. Also, the organization must acknowledge the grant on promotional materials for the event. The maximum grant is $1,000, is non-renewable and good for one-year after BVBA approval.

Grant Application