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Babs & Bill Verbrick partnered with Zilis, the industry leader in quality, purity and innovation, to bring CBD that works to Northwest Arkansas.

In addition to the flagship delicious water soluble UltraCell CBD (not that nasty oily stuff you find elsewhere), we keep the new UltraGlow powder sticks in stock. UltraGlow (we just call it Glow) went through a rigorous double blind placebo controlled clinical trial that was partially funded by the National Institutes of Health and observed by the doctors at the world famous Mayo Clinic. The results of the 90 day study? 100 out of 100 lost weight, average loss was 18 pounds with 2.4″ waist reduction, average deep sleep improved 300%, blood sugar (HBA1C) was reduced and there was a significant reduction in major inflammation markers. What would Glow do for YOU? Sign up for your personal 90 day Glow challenge.

Our hemp-free UltraEdge Powder Sticks gives you on-the-go cognitive and energy support that is healthy and good for you. It is formulated to support every aspect of mental acuity, performance and cognition with no artificial high and no crash.

Try our delicious gourmet Colombian “Happy” coffee that that is loaded with mood elevating CBC. You’ll feel happy with every cup! “Bliss” CBC has the same effect without the coffee. “R&R” is a Precision Spectrum CBN product for improving deep sleep. “UltraCell Topical” provides instant relief for sore muscles and joints. And everyone should add CBG to their daily routine. CBG works in the gut and many organs in the body to improve immunity. It also supercharges CBD and contributes to whole body balance and homeostasis.

There is also a full line of high absorption specialty vitamins and supplements including Vitamin B12, ADK and C, Zinc, Magnesium and Glutathione. “Biotix” is an advanced Pre-Pro-Plus replacement for traditional probiotics. The cannabinoid infused Lishe by Zilis skin care line with “RENEW” vegetarian-friendly collagen is the most advanced skin care system ever developed.

Special Note for those who are drug tested: The legal federal limit for THC (the cannabinoid that gets you high) is .3%. Every batch of Zilis hemp derived products is tested by independent labs and is far below that legal threshold. However, many of the drug tests are NOT checking exclusively for THC! Those inexpensive tests simply check for the overall cannabinoid level. The same Zilis absorption technology that makes the products so effective also elevates the overall cannabinoid level so there is a possibility, maybe even a probability that some tests will return a positive result. To be safe, IF YOU ARE DRUG TESTED do not ingest any hemp based products. We have a number of highly effective targeted solutions that can be substituted like “Dream” to help sleep, “Edge” for mental clarity and focus, “ICE” for inflammation and pain, and “Burn” for appetite suppression and weight management.

We offer free support for your questions and free delivery to our customers. If you find this as fascinating as we do then ask us about the Independent Zilis Ambassador program.

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