Bella Vista Wine & Spirits

31 Cunningham Corner
Bella Vista, AR

It takes a village to raise a roof...Since Bella Vista's beginnings as a tourist destination (early 1900's) a lot has happened. One of the latest changes is the advent of retail liquor stores in Benton County and Bella Vista Wine and Spirits is the first in the Village. Established in 2016, BVWS offers a super selection of fine wines, traditional and craft-type beers and spirits in all categories. The staff takes pride in offering superior customer service, product knowledge and sincere appreciation upholding a long standing tradition of our region's hospitality. We continue to introduce new interactive programs like our weekend tastings and scheduled educational classes to enhance the customers' experience. We hope you visit the store soon and see just how we are "raising the roof" and know that, as far as we are concerned..."The sky is the limit!"