Lifelong Fitness

Lifelong Fitness
1321 Solata St.
Centerton, AR
(Scott-Primary) 303-905-7472 (Loren-Secondary) 303-847-1766
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Our mission is to provide exceptional care in health and wellness, guiding clients of all ages to reach their specific goals such as improving strength, balance, athletic performance, or losing weight. We prioritize injury prevention and postural correction to build a strong foundation for overall well-being. When necessary, we refer clients to other health specialists for additional support. Our trainers are dedicated to personalized training, with a focus on each individual's needs. Lifelong Fitness offers metabolic testing to determine caloric needs and exercise intensity levels for tailored fitness plans. This scientific approach stands out from fad diets or celebrity workouts. The method includes exercise tests to identify thresholds for personalized plans, guaranteeing results unmatched by other fitness trends. Our website is currently undergoing improvements to offer a user-friendly experience as we launch Lifelong Fitness in NWA. We are excited to genuinely connect with clients and support them on their journey to better health. Our commitment is to provide quality care and personalized training, putting the personal touch back into training.

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