Phat Tire Bike Shop

Phat Tire Bike Shop
10 Riordan Road
(479) 268-3800

Chris Brosh and I (Tim Robinson) grew up in Bentonville/Bella Vista and have always loved this region. We felt a sense of personal ownership and pride in helping to develop the town given we were from here and wanted others who weren’t from here to love it just as much as we did. In 2006 Slaughter Pen Mountain Bike Trails were being developed and we were often out there friends walking the land, building jumps and log rides, etc. to get the trail open and people riding it. In April 2007 the first 5 miles of Slaughter Pen officially opened to the public and we all rode it every week because it was new and so much fun! As everyone knows, when you start mountain biking you quickly realize that bike maintenance is unavoidable due to flat tires, crashes, broken parts, etc. We were often going to bike shops out of town to get our bikes fixed and broken parts replaced. Instead of waiting for a shop to come to Bentonville, we decided to take that challenge with the goal to have a local shop that was close and convenient to the trails, had quicker turnaround times than other shops with the best mechanics around, and we wanted to drive events and make cycling a lifestyle that improved the community.

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